Foods That Lie

Are you tired of the dieting treadmill? Do you find yourself binge eating or eating excessively, with an appetite that feels insatiable or out of control? Do you sometimes fear that you can’t stop eating – or cannot keep food intake to ordinary levels? Do you want to learn how to stop overeating completely?

Foods That Lie introduces a novel and groundbreaking approach to overcoming overeating – revealing the role of intermittent reinforcement in the modern food supply. This book delivers an information-based binge eating treatment with a method of ending overeating centered on developing an accurate understanding of the problem.

Using logic-based arguments founded upon cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychology, and nutrition, Foods That Lie exposes how deceptive flavor signals and molecular mimicry within the food supply creates unpredictable flavor-nutrition patterns, mirroring the random delivery rewards in a slot machine. These manipulative tactics provoke a cascade of physiological adaptations, including the downregulation of taste and smell receptors and the escalation of appetite, driving overeating.

For the first time, this book offers an understanding of what food addiction truly is and provides a simple blueprint for breaking free.

Backed by a wealth of scientific evidence, Foods That Lie helps you:

  • Discover how to stop binge eating permanently by identifying and avoiding the deceptive foods that are to blame;
  • Recognize how these manipulative deception tactics recalibrate bodily systems involved in regulating food intake;
  • Rapidly reset taste and smell receptors, normalizing hunger and satiety signals;
  • Naturally achieve a healthy weight without the need for restrictive dieting;
  • Discover the joy of nourishing the body with genuine foods that leave you satisfied and free from food-related obsession.

Whether you are struggling with a few extra pounds, battling binge eating disorder, experiencing compulsive overeating, or simply wondering how to stop eating so much, Foods That Lie will revolutionize the way you think about food forever and provide immediate binge eating help. Don’t spend another day trapped in the cycle of overeating and shame. Conquer this problem once and for all by identifying the underlying cause of overeating and understanding the groundbreaking insights found within the pages of Foods That Lie.

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Written by

I am a mother from New Zealand. I have no relevant work experience or nutritional qualifications (I have degrees in completely unrelated fields). What I do have, however, is almost two decades of personal experience being embroiled in what can only be described as a dietary well as the great and utter joy of being free of it. Follow me on my newly created Twitter account!

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