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This website proposes a theory that explains obesity, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. It explains why obesity rates have exploded in the last few decades and why losing weight and maintaining it seems so hard. It offers a solution that is simple to implement and results in you returning to (or arriving at) a healthy physique with minimal concerted effort.

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This website has grown so large that I am unable to respond to emails individually. Please accept my apologies. This breaks my heart, as I know the desperation that you feel. Unfortunately, it is best that I use the little time I have for writing articles that can help many people at one time. Feedback / thoughts / ideas are welcome, though I am unable to respond. These help me to prioritise material and let me know where I have failed to explain things clearly. Thank you all for the positive feedback. It makes my day and motivates me to write more. I plan to compile a small selection of these, with permission, soon. All the very best to you. xx