How to eat like a normal person

This website proposes a theory that explains obesity, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. It explains why obesity rates have exploded in the last few decades and why losing weight and maintaining it seems so hard. It offers a solution that is simple to implement and results in you returning to (or arriving at) a healthy physique with minimal concerted effort.

This website encompasses all aspects of the solution and is provided free of charge. The method involves no pills, supplementary purchases or exercise regimes (in fact, you’re not required to exercise at all – but that’s another discussion) and does not involve hypnosis or positive thinking. It relies on logic. Allen Carr, anti-smoking guru, was able to help thousands of people quit smoking instantly – and (most importantly) happily – after communicating information to them in such a way that their desire and behaviour changed. The solution is knowledge: presented in such a way that you change your mind and the need for willpower is gone.

The links below give an overview of this theory and lead to chapters that explain each item in detail. Please read them all in order, without missing any, because each is designed to build upon the last. If you are on a diet, please stop. Take a break for the few hours that it takes to devour the contents of this website.

[please note that only some of these articles have been written so far – more to be added soon]!

  • The possibility that you are wrong and have misjudged your circumstance entirely
  • Why I created this website and how to stop binge eating (an approach that will shock you)
  • Why you think you’re fat, even if you’re not
  • The common weight loss dogma and why we keep following it, even though 98% fail
  • Why restricting calories below your natural appetite is guaranteed to make you fatter long term
  • The miserable life of the 2% who ‘succeed’ at dieting
  • How one single diet can trigger anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder (the pattern of ongoing binge eating), excessive grazing and compulsive out-of-control eating, or however else you choose to describe it.
  • Why exercise can harm your weight loss efforts (we have it backwards)
  • Eat less and move more is wrong: the real way to lose weight
  • Why your hunger / fullness signals seem broken but are not: Answering: I don’t know how to eat like a normal person: why can’t I be an intuitive eater? I can’t eat like a normal person. I just want to eat like a normal person. I want to eat like a normal person eats…why can’t I eat like I used to…*sobbing*
  • What really changed in the last 40 years
  • Why junk food addiction is the most prevalent of all
  • How Allen Carr saved me from obesity
  • Overcoming junk food addiction [updated]. What addiction really means – in any context – and how to escape from it. The lies, the brainwashing and the mental trap
  • Confrontation and best intentions: why telling your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner they are fat will never help
  • Truth: There’s nothing wrong with saturated fat
  • The truth about sugar (it’s not what you are addicted to)
  • The whole grain conspiracy
  • Why carbohydrates are important
  • Is it possible to eat normally and lose weight? [new] This article provides evidence that eating normal, nourishing food, until full, will result in the achievement of a healthy weight.
  • It’s possible: I stopped dieting and lost weight. Inspiring case studies and real world proof
  • What is a normal, nourishing meal? A visual snapshot of a normal diet: this is often not what is imagined when you say ‘normal healthy diet’. This will explain how to eat like a normal person and lose weight, and more importantly, maintain it for the rest of your life. It will include examples and ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as guidance about snacks.
  • Doubts: normal eating after anorexia; normal eating after bulimia; normal eating after binge eating disorder; normal eating after compulsive eating
  • More doubts: genetics and the possibility that I am scarred for life
  • I’ve lost my willpower
  • Cold turkey: how to stop overeating
  • Reintroduction to eating normally
  • When is the best time to start eating normally? [updated]
  • The only moment is now

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