How to eat like a normal person

This website contains a theory that explains obesity, anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. It explains why obesity rates have exploded in the last few decades and why losing weight and maintaining it seems so hard. It offers a solution that allows you to return to (or arrive at) a healthy physique with minimal concerted effort.

The method involves no pills, supplementary purchases or exercise regimes. It does not involve hypnosis or positive thinking. It relies on logic. Allen Carr helped thousands of people quit smoking instantly – and happily – after communicating information to them in such a way that their desire and behavior changed. The solution is knowledge: presented in such a way that you change your mind and the need for willpower is gone.

This theory is the result of intense n=1 experimentation and decades spent reading books, scientific studies, and digital resources. Jordan Peterson once described taking a hammer to his ideas and whacking at them until they wouldn’t break; taking them apart and reassembling them until they were as close to the truth as possible. I’ve spent my life doing that: searching for something that wouldn’t break. This is the result.

The links below provide an overview of the theory and lead to chapters that explain each item in detail. (Please note that only some of these have been written so far – more to be added soon).

Food That Lies

  • Chapter One: The possibility that you have misjudged your circumstance entirely (not yet published).
  • Chapter Two: How to stop binge eating. This article summarizes my own story, introduces the theory and outlines how a diet can trigger anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder (the pattern of ongoing binge eating), excessive grazing and compulsive out-of-control eating, or however else you choose to describe it, leaving you to assume that you are broken, with zero willpower and unable to change. Answering: I don’t know how to eat like a normal person: why can’t I be an intuitive eater? I can’t eat like a normal person. I just want to eat like a normal person…
  • Chapter Three: Intermittent Reinforcement and the pattern recognition machine (not yet published)
  • Chapter Four: Junk food addiction and what really changed in the last 40 years (not yet published)
  • Chapter Five: Why you were susceptible (not yet published)
  • Chapter Six: How Allen Carr saved me from obesity
  • Chapter Seven: What to eat? (not yet published)
  • Chapter Eight: Is it possible to eat normally and lose weight? This article provides evidence that intuitively eating normal, nourishing food, until full, results in the achievement of a healthy weight.
  • Chapter Nine: Overcoming junk food addiction. How to escape from it. The lies, the brainwashing, and the mental trap
  • Chapter Ten: The other reasons you think you overeat (not yet published). Broken hunger signals. Emotional eating. Habitual eating. Boredom eating. Normal eating after anorexia; normal eating after bulimia; normal eating after binge eating disorder; normal eating after compulsive eating. More doubts: genetics and the possibility that I am scarred for life etc.
  • Chapter Eleven: Cold turkey: how to stop overeating
  • Chapter Twelve: Tomorrow (when is the best time to start eating normally)?
  • Chapter Thirteen: Escape (not yet published).

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